Play here. Win in life.

  • Sports develop values and standards that will last your entire life. You’ll develop conflict resolution skills, integrity and ethics as an Ocelot. 
  • We know you’re headed for more success in sports — and life. You’ll develop your full potential on the team or individual sport of your choice.
  • Our Athletic staff members know you love the game. They’ll nurture the skills necessary that will contribute to a lifetime of fitness.
  • Choose your men’swomen’s, or coed sport and make it a part of your college experience.

Seize the opportunity

We know you’ll be a busy college student. Odds are high you’ll be working too. We’re ready to support you if you’d like to continue your athletic career. Take advantage of our resources available to help you succeed.

Build leadership skills

Employers are looking for team players. Learn how to be a better one.

Seek a scholarship

We have scholarships available! Call 734-462-4804 or come and see us for details.

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