Engineering Transfer

This program is designed for students who intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering. It allows the student to establish a strong academic foundation in mathematics and science, complete courses to fulfill general education requirements, and enroll in engineering courses—all before moving on to a bachelor’s degree program at another college or university.

  • Civil, chemical, computer systems, electrical, environmental, industrial, and mechanical engineering are among the most popular bachelor’s degrees, although there are more than 25 recognized specialties. 
  • Schoolcraft’s program can prepare the student for transfer into any engineering specialty. 
  • The specific courses required will be determined by the destination college or university and/or the student’s intended major. 
  • Students must work with an academic advisor or counselor to ensure that their courses transfer.

Credential Options

Credential Options Table Key

  • Engineering

** May be applicable in such special engineering areas as Chemical, Civil, Computer Systems, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Mechanical, and Sustainability.

Courses Offered

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